Mitsubishi Evo ECU Calibration

Mitsubishi Evo ECU Calibration

Here at Evotune we offer ECU calibration for Mitsubishi Evo 1-10 all done in house on our Dyno Dynamics chassis Dyno.

With the OEM ECU being so powerful on the Evo many features can be added and even the option of running speed density to remove the MAF sensor on Evo 1-9.

The software used for editing the Mitsubishi Evo ECU is Ecuflash this software provides access to many maps in the ECU and allows the ECU to be fine tuned to any spec of engine configuration.

Some of the features that can be added are.

  • Switchable maps,
  • Knock CEL – Warning of knock,
  • Valet mode – Set RPM,
  • No Lift To Shift,
  • Speed Density – Removes MAF.

Data logging is done by the use of Evoscan software and allows various parameters to be logged in real time for useful data acquisition and fine tuning of the ECU.

Remapping prices start at £300 + VAT

Please contact us for prices on speed density conversions and mapping.