Nissan GTR Engine

Linney Suction Pipes

Linney Suction pipes increased to 54mm from the stock 45mm diameter. Increasing air flow by 12% that especially at higher boost there will be considerable

Produced in polished aluminium.

£350 + VAT pair




Linney Intake Pipes And Fiters

The Linney kit will require calibration to compensate for the larger MAF housing. (The intake will cause the vehicle to run lean without tuning.)

No need to worry about maxing out the MAF on your high horsepower GT-R anymore!

Constructed from 6061 Aluminum

Seamless ONE-PIECE design, no welds in the intact tract!

Superior flow

K&N Filter included

Designed to be easy to install without having to modify your car or remove the front bumper. Installation requires no cutting or trimming or removal of the bumper or bumper support and can be completed with simple tools. Simply remove the stock airbox and bolt the intake into place.

Available in 76mm (recommended for MAF based tuning) and Large 80mm diameter intakes with no MAF boss, suitable for Speed density mapping.

£300 + VAT pair

Gotboost Speed Density Kit

100% Plug & Play

Uses IAT and MAP in a single sensor package while keeping OEM look and feel

Compatible with OEM and aftermarket intercooler pipes (Aftermarket pipes designed to accommodate the OEM MAP sensor should be compatible)

Allows complete removal of MAF sensor for more efficient air flow

100% OEM readings, no sensor calibration or adjustments required!

£360 + vat

Gotboost R35 Gtr Intercooler Pipe Kits

Gotboost Performance intercooler piping kit for Nissan GT-R is a full 3-inch, mandrel-bent, show-quality system which fits the OEM intercooler and a wide variety of aftermarket intercoolers including AMS, Boostlogic, ETS, and others.

Perfect fitment, with either polished, wrinkle black powdercoat, or custom finishes available. Includes all the necessary stainless steel clamps and silicone couplers. Available with either Tial BOV flange or OEM-style BOV flange.

£1080 + VAT

Gotboost R35 Gtr Suction Pipes

Gotboost Nissan GT-R turbo inlet pipes are designed for builds with upgraded turbos and SD tuning.

They are a true 2.5″ immediately transitioning to 3″ They are a hand fabricated tube inlet pipe ported for a completely smooth transition from the intake to the turbo compressor inlet.

£520 + VAT pair

ASNU R35 Gtr Fuel Injectors

ASNU fuel Injector set for the Nissan R35 GTR, these are the ultimate injectors on the market today.

They offer high performance with an easy installation. These are a plug and play installation fitting with the standard top feed fuel rail.

The injectors also come with wiring adaptors so they plug straight into the Nissan loom.

Avaliable in 1050cc or 1100cc

£550 + VAT

Boostlogic Intake Manifold

The Boost Logic VR38DETT Intake Manifold has been engineered to be the pinnacle of performance among its competitors. Benefiting from their extensive research and development in 2000hp 2JZ motors, they have achieved the goals set for this Manifold. An increase in torque to broaden the power-band while achieving a phenomenal horsepower gain under boost sets the Boost Logic Manifold apart from the competition.

On a direct comparison of Boost Logic’s manifold with a Greddy, they observed huge power gains while monitoring boost to be identical or lower boost on the Boost Logic Manifold. The gains are even more pronounced when compared to a stock manifold; especially the torque.

Engineering the manifold in CAD allowed the use of optimal dimensions and otherwise impossible angles determined to be ideal through fluid dynamics in comparison to a sheet metal intake manifold. Boost Logic aimed to maximize the potential of any engine/turbo setup so that this bolt on is beneficial for any HP package. The plenum size has been specifically calculated and sized for the VR38 to create the highest power gains in comparison to the stock and other aftermarket intake manifolds. The tapered venture funnel runners have been engineered for maximum velocity as air approaches the cylinder. Boost Logic chose to make the intake manifold in one piece to mimic OEM style manufacturing which will have less potential for boost leaks. The tube behind the throttle body flange is 80mm which will easily accept the Greddy throttle bodies or much larger units which will surely be developed in the future.

A unique aspect of this intake manifold is the newly designed lower runners. Casting these new runners allows it to maintain the linear transition from the aftermarket plenum to the intake ports on the head.

When it comes to maximum power, 6 injectors simply aren’t capable of providing enough fuel to meet the demands of ethanol-fueled engines. Boost Logic is providing an optional third rail setup which will allow 6 additional injectors aimed directly into the intake port for accurate fueling. The 12 Injector Option will be an extra charge on top of the current intake manifold price. This will include a rail, brackets, extra machining of the Boost Logic Intake Manifold and will be pre-mounted to the plenum upon shipment.

We also offer the upper pipe kit for customers that change to this intake manifold. Due to plenum size and throttle body location change the upper pipes have to be modified. Boost Logic offers the one piece pipe upgrade for a simple install! Pipes available in polished or Crinkle Black.

The 12 Injector Option comes complete with fuel rail, mounting brackets and machined upper plenum for the 2nd set of injectors.

£2995 + VAT

SRD R35 GTR Intercooler

SRD intercooler kit uses a 90mm thick core with 76mm inlet & outlet pipes.

This kit uses a stock style layout so will work with stock intercooler pipes.

£1125 + VAT

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