Nissan GTR Stage Upgrades


Larger, full color, higher resolution screen

We super sized the screen for ease of use and better monitoring. Full text help menus, multi-gauge layouts, full map descriptions and more. This screen has room to spare – so no need to run back to your laptop

Customizable multi-gauge display

Want gauges? No problem. The V3 now supports up to 6 fully customizable gauges with 1/1000 resolution. Monitor all the parameters you want to see and customize each layout for street, strip or track.

In vehicle mount, with on/off switch

There is nothing we like more to see than an AP peeking over the dash. With the on/off button and using the included universal mount or vehicle specific options, there is no reason not to run your AP in-vehicle.

Faster and easier to use with a familiar face

We listened to what you wanted. Use your same maps, monitor your same parameters, and troubleshoot your same codes, but now with more. More speed, more memory, more map storage, more live gauges, and more troubleshooting help.

Interchangeable Faceplates

Is it your Accessport or our Accessport? It’s yours. Customize it as you see fit. The new V3 comes with 2 interchangeable bezels, blue and grey, or put your own touches on one.

AP-NIS006 with TCM Flashing £750 + VAT

AP-V3 with TCM Flashing £900 + VAT

COBB Custom E-Tune £250 + VAT

COBB Custom Calibration on Dyno £300 + VAT

EcuTek Phase 4 GTR RaceRom

EcuTek’s latest phase 4 software is the pinnacle in tuning platforms for the Nissan GTR.

RaceROM Special Features

FlashCAN Nissan GTR includes EcuTek’s new RaceROM technology, providing custom feature enhancements for the OEM ECU. These features have been written by EcuTek to supplement the standard ECU functions, improving the tuning potential. Many of these features are unique to FlashCAN Nissan GTR and are not available using any other tuning software.

  • RaceROM Boost Controller

Provides the ability to adjust the boost level while driving, using the cruise control switches and onboard navigation display system.

  • Map Switching

Map switching provides four distinct tuning calibrations which can be selected using the cruise control instruments even when the engine is running.

  • High-Resolution Maps

New Hi-Resolution Ignition, Fuel and Torque Maps are now available for each of the four map switch modes.

  • Speed Density

Single hi-resolution VE based Speed Density map that can be enabled in any of the four map switch modes.

  • Large Fuel Injector Support

Provides ECU calibration for greater than 750cc injectors.

  • Launch Control

RaceROM Launch Control now features a Pre-Launch Manifold Pressure Target with full closed loop control (BOTL – Boost Off The Line).

  • Custom Maps

Custom maps offers an unchallenged level of control from the factory ECU, allowing you to create almost any map you can think.

  • Flex Fuel

Using the custom maps feature it’s now possible to have a true flex fuel import feature.

  • Valet Mode

Valet mode update with Speed, Torque and Distance based limiters and security passcode to enable the feature.

  • Visual Knock Warning

Provides a visual warning light through the check engine light when cylinder knock occurs.

  • Per Gear Boost & Rev Limits

Provides custom limiters for boost pressure and RPM in every gear.

  • MAF left-right input swapping

Provides ability to swap MAF sensor input signals when using aftermarket intercoolers.

  • Wide Range Boost Limit Maps

Provides an increase in scale for the boost maps to allow greater boost levels.

  • Upshift Boost Spike Prevention

Provides a safety feature to stop boost spikes during gear shifting.

  • Boost Gauge Display

Additional configuration settings to set up the wrap round boost gauge as desired.

  • Extra Parameter Logging

Provides extra data parameters, such as; current gear, engine load per bank, knock correction, calculated airflow, boost error, AFR per bank, and many more.

  • Enhanced Security

Provides an extra level of security to protect your work.

  • RaceRom Rolling Launch

This feature offers a launch mode that can be activated whilst the vehicle is moving and is designed for those who want to look after their transmissions but also want instantaneous boost pressure when they actually launch.

RaceROM Boost Controller

Allows the driver to adjust the boost level while driving by using the cruise control switches. The selected boost level is displayed on the boost gauge on the multifunction display.

RaceROM Rolling Launch

This feature offers a launch mode that can be activated whilst the vehicle is moving and is designed for those who want to look after their transmissions but also want instantaneous boost pressure when they actually launch. Rolling launch is enabled through the cruise control. Set your roll speed, enter cruise mode, floor the accelerator and watch the boost build. Simply press cancel on the cruise control to launch. If you want to increase or decrease your roll speed while in cruise mode, just use the plus or minus cruise control switch as you would normally. And don’t just think this feature is for roll racers, it’s pretty awesome on the freeway/motorway too so will be a great ‘must have feature for all GT-R owners! From a technical perspective, you can specify a pre-launch manifold pressure target and target AFR for each map switch mode that the feature is enabled in. The ECU will dynamically retard and advance the ignition timing in order to achieve the target. You can also specify rolling launch to only operate when VDC is off. It is also possible to configure the feature to only activate when R-Mode suspension is selected. As a safety feature you can specify a timeout value for the anti-lag system to be active.

Improved Boost Off The Line

Rather than activating the anti lag as soon as Launch Control is engaged, Phase 4 waits until the RPM has risen. Some cars have trouble reaching and holding the desired launch RPM and this solves that problem.

Per-Mode Knock Control Enable Maps

The new ‘knock control enable’ map has 4 separate maps, one for each mode, with the same size and scaling as the RaceROM ignition timing maps. This allows the tuner to have finer control of when the knock control system is enabled giving greater control when using different fuels.

2D Map For MAP/Boost Sensor Scaling

The new 2D sensor scaling allows 5 bar MAP sensors to be fitted and scaled correctly (non-linear calibration is now possible). This also offers a visual display of the Volts to Bar sensor calibration.

New Logging Parameters

Torque Split; G-Sensor; Oil Pressure; Steering Angle

Providing unique data logging parameters to help develop the best calibration possible.

New Inputs To Custom Maps

Short Term Fuel Trim; Fuel Level; Torque Split; G-Sensor; Oil Pressure; Steering Angle

Short Term Fuel Trim; Fuel Level; Engine Oil Pressure can be used for building fail-safe custom maps to protect the engine when something critical happens. e.g. 2nd fuel pump failure or a fuel surge.

Torque Split; G-Sensor and Steering Angle are useful when creating bespoke Traction Control set-ups for every slip condition.

Ability To Adjust Engine Size Parameter

To be Adjusted in Speed Density Calculation for Bored/Stroked Engines

The engine size is a fundamental input to the Speed Density calculation. Phase 4 gives tuners the ability to adjust this to get better results when tuning bored/stroked engines.

Full-Time Hijack of Coolant Temp Display to Show Other Information

Phase 3 gave the ability to data from a custom map on the coolant temp gauge when the car was map switching. Phase 4 extends this capability by allowing full-time use of the coolant temp gauge, not just during map switching.

  • EcuTek Custom Dyno Map Inc Licence £600 + VAT.
  • EcuTek Custom Dyno Map Licence Present £400 + VAT.
  • EcuTek Gearbox Software Upgrade £350 + VAT.
  • EcuTek E-Tune POA.

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