At Evotune we spent a very long time investigating rolling road dynamometers, as we wanted to be absolutely certain that we purchase the very best on the market, regardless of price.
Following months of careful research we settled on what we (and many other tuners) believe to be the absolute best – Dyno Dynamics.

The Dyno Dynamics 4 wheel drive rolling road is able to run both 2 and 4 wheel drive vehicles, and using various sensors (boost pressure, wideband lambda, air temp etc) is able to provide very detailed information on a car’s performance whilst simulating road conditions in real-time.

This state of the art machine allows us to perform mapping and engine diagnostics that would otherwise prove extremely difficult.

Rolling Road Dyno Runs
Power runs are available –

2WD £100 + VAT

4WD £120 + VAT

You will be presented at the end with a graph showing maximum power, torque, boost etc.

Rolling Road Diagnostic Runs
Our rolling road is perfect as an advanced diagnostics tool. Data such as power, torque, boost pressure, Engine pre-ignition knock, Air Fuel Ratio, can all be measured in a controlled environment.
The charge for this is £120 + VAT and normally takes around 40minutes to an hour to complete.

*Available for all cars

Rolling Road ‘Shootout Days’
Rolling road ‘shootout’ days are also available for booking and already proving to be very popular. Discounts available contact us for details.

Mapping and Tuning
Our rolling road is an extremely effective tool for mapping and tuning, being able to provide various loads to the engine, many of which would be impossible to achieve during normal driving, whilst providing very detailed data on exactly how the engine is performing in real time.
For these reasons we strongly recommend that remapping and tuning is performed on our dyno. Contact us for further details

Rolling Road Dyno hire
The rolling road is available for hire at £200 + VAT per hour. For this we provide a fully trained Dyno operator and access to the machine, including sensors and data software.

Contact us for further details

We are now taking bookings for power runs, club rolling road days and dyno mapping.

Use of the dyno for mapping (price does not inc mapping) £200 + VAT p/h
Full day Dyno hire £650 + VAT

Club rolling road day discounts available

If you require any further information about us or the services and products we offer then, please feel free to contact us.